On July 19, Prologis Foshan Gaoming Logistics Center achieved a significant milestone as its 6 megawatt(MW) rooftop solar project successfully connected to the grid. The project is expected to generate 7.2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 4,100 tons. This new source of renewableenergy stands to not only benefit the customer within the park but also propel the logistics park on an accelerated journey towards green and low-carbon growth.


Continous Investment in Renewable Energy to achieve Prologis’ Global Net-Zero Carbon Goal

Prologis’ global renewable energy goal is is to install 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar capacity supported by storage by 2025. During the first half of this year, the company has completed three rooftop solar projects in China, all of which have been successfully connected to China’s State Grid. They are projected to generate around 10 million kWh of electricity in the first year, leading to a remarkable reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 5,700 tons. Prologis is accelerating investment in renewable energy with sustainable and innovative solutions. As part of this effort, Prologis China is planning more rooftop solar projects in key cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Foshan. By doing so, Prologis aims to promote the widespread adoption of clean and renewable energy within its logistics centers.


In summer demand for electricity usually jumps up at Prologis logistics centers, the instillation of pilot energy storage stations in some of the centers has proven to be crucial. Leveraging the difference in electricity price between peak and off-peak hours, the storage ensures the electricity supply for customers at peak hours and lowers their costs on electricity.

Beyond that, Prologis China has also installed nearly 150 sets of charging stations at 23 logistics centers. A majority of these charging stations are 120 kW high-power DC fast chargers, totaling approximately 11 MW in capacity. The charing stations cater to the charging demands from both customers within Prologis logistics centers and vehicles owners in the surrounding areas. Such efforts contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in transportation, which play a pivotal role in lowering the carbon footprint of the entire logistics system.


Intelligent Operation to Accelerate Low-Carbon Operations

The theme of China’s National Low Carbon Day this year, ‘Actively responding to climate change and promoting green and low-carbon development’, resonates deeply with Prologis’ core principles of sustainability that the company has consistently embraced and put into practice.

In operation, Prologis takes proactive measures to promote intelligent operation. Its intelligent management system comprehensively tracks vehicle information nationwide, scanning for model, length, and energy type at all park entries and exits. Analyzing this data empowers Prologis to efficiently optimize road design, ramps, charging stations, and other facilities for new projects. This targeted approach reduces waste of building materials, enhances utilization of charging facility, and fosters the decarbonization in the construction process.

At the same time, by monitoring electricity load dynamics within the logistics centers, Prologis is able to make dynamic adjustments to meet customers’ demand for increasing electricity capacity. Customers also save time and achieve low carbon operation benefit from the intelligent management system, which allows them to track their service orders, accounts, bills, and other important documents directly on their mobile phones, resulting in significant time savings and low-carbon operation.


Prologis has integrated ESG into its operations at all levels, and committed to achieving net zero emissions in its operations by 2030 and across its  value chain by 2040. Through diversified initiatives and practice in ESG, Prologis supports its customers in transition to clean energy and sustainable operation, aiming to boosts the flexibility and efficiency of global value chain while creating value for the broader community and customers.

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