June of 2023 marks the 22nd national “Safe Production Month”. On June 25, Prologis and Sinotrans Logistics worked together to conduct a themed contingency drill at Prologis Dongguan Hongmei Logistics Center. The campaign witnessed active participation from numerous customers at the Prologis parks.


Every day, approximately 1.1 million workers are working under the roof of Prologis logistics centers around the world, where safety is crucial for everyone. Themed as “Everyone stresses safety with skills of contingency”, the campaign at Prologis Dongguan Hongmei Logistics Center aims to strengthen the working staff’s awareness of safety and instill a profound understanding of safety at the logistics center as well as to enhance skills such as safety rules, escape procedures, self and mutual rescue.

Rigorous and Practical Approach to Contingency Drills

This campaign was featured with combination of knowledge, experience and practice. Through engaging in games like “safety ring”, “safety pair-up”, “finding faults”, and “safety quiz”, participants had the opportunity to build up their safety awareness. The drill simulated a fire scenario caused by a socket short circuiting. As soon as the fire broke out, all the participants  were prompt to initiate and execute the contingency plan. Orderly evacuation was conducted, and the emergency rescue team efficiently extinguished the flames while providing necessary emergency care.

“This drill served to improve the understanding of our staff on their responsibility for operation safety and effectively enhanced their capability of dealing with risks and accidents,” said Sun Tao, General Manager of Sinotrans Logistics Shenzhen. “I am very grateful to Prologis for its efforts in ensuring safe and stable operation, creating a safe and stable environment for our business development.”

Uncompromising Safety Control

Prologis has consistently prioritized its customers’ safe operation within its logistics centers. They have developed comprehensive safety management system and mature mechanism for contingency, with dedicated and proficient emergency rescue teams.

In operation, Prologis take regular initiatives to conduct potential safety hazard checking and controlling. Regular safety training and drills also help to control risks at its early stage and ensure the stable and efficient operation of customers. At each Prologis logistics centers, at least one inspection for potential safety hazard and fire safety was conducted every month. Additionally, to further enhance the contingency skills, large-scale fire contingency drills are held at least twice a year at Prologis logistics centers.


“This drill is an effective test of our contingency plan system and response mechanisms,” said Roger Qiu, Vice-President and Regional Director of South China at Prologis China. “We are delighted to witness the remarkable collaboration between Prologis property management team and our customers. Their swift and efficient actions demonstrated their capability of risk control. Undoubtedly, such activities play a crucial role in enhancing our capabilities of responding to emergencies, ensuring the safety of properties and lives for all our customers at Prologis parks.”

At Prologis, safety is regarded as the cornerstone of development and the key to efficiency. Guided by its core value of being “customer-centric”, Prologis consistently enhance and improve its risk management and contingency planning within its logistics centers, in order to ensure the safety of each customer and worker at parks.

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