Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province and a major city within the Bohai Economic Rim, connects Northeast China with North China and is an important player for logistics in North China. As the largest economic powerhouse in the Northeast China region, Shenyang is surrounded by an extensive transportation network. The city features the largest international airport in the region, the largest railroad hub, a port with a throughput of over 700,000 TEUs, and is crisscrossed with high-grade highways and expressways, making it one of the most advanced integrated transportation hubs in China.

Shenyang has existed as one of the nation’s main heavy industry bases prioritizing the equipment manufacturing industry since the early days of the founding of new China. Currently, Shenyang excels in industries such as autos and parts, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and the intensive processing of agricultural products. According to the “Shenyang Future Industry Cultivation and Development Plan (2018-2035)”, plans for the city’s future include focusing on fostering three leading industries: production, transportation and health. There are also plans to enable the development of two different industries, namely information technology and materials, for the future growth of the city.

Prologis owns and operates logistics and distribution facilities in Shenyang.

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