Foshan is located in Central Guangdong Province and in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, ranking third in Guangdong Province in year-round GPD, second only to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Currently, it is vigorously pushing the blueprint for Guangzhou-Foshan integration to form an international metropolitan area. As a Pearl River Delta-based city and an important player in the GBA, Foshan is home to one of the most developed private economies in the country, ranking among the top economies in Guangdong Province.

Foshan is an important manufacturing base in South China, an economic and trade hub and an integrated transportation hub in the West Pearl River Delta. As a core GBA member relying on a sound industrial system, Foshan is capable of playing host as a platform and space for the innovative resources and modern service industries of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, thereby developing complementary industries and mutual benefits. The city’s vital industries include petrochemicals, 3C electronics and equipment manufacturing. A robust network of warehouses and logistics enable efficient distribution and movement of goods throughout the region.

Prologis owns and operates logistics and distribution facilities in Foshan.

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