The Kappa brand in China, which is owned by China Dongxiang, and Prologis China recently signed a cooperation agreement. Kappa is a century-old brand that specializes in sportswear and footwear, while Prologis China is a leader in industrial infrastructure. The partnership is aimed at helping Kappa upgrade its distribution channels while exploring new ways to work together for better results. The two also reaffirmed their commitment to making concerted efforts to promote the vigorous development of the Chinese sports industry.

Specialized solutions that go beyond warehousing solve Kappa pain points

Kappa, an Italian sports fashion brand founded in 1916, ventured into the Chinese market in 2002. Over the space of 20 years, Kappa has successfully built its sports portfolio in China, from investing in new generation sports assets such as fencing, equestrian, skateboarding and e-sports, to expanding its lifestyle categories.

Besides tapping into its own sports attributes, the brand has also drawn on its keen insights into the fashion business to create a one-of-a-kind product experience for sports-loving and style-conscious consumers in China.

Under the trend of differentiated sports pursuits and diversified consumption channels, Kappa have established a wide network of end consumption channels to meet high requirements for shopping experience, while working to adapt to customers’ festival shopping habits. This has put serious demands on its supply chain. In 2017, in response to changes in consumer demand, China Dongxiang set the goal of revamping the Kappa brand channels to give Chinese consumers a better shopping experience.

Prologis Wuhan Jiangxia Logistics Center is located in Wuhan, a transportation hub close to the Wuhan Sihhuan Xian and G42 highway. Its unique geographical location and access to transportation perfectly meet the requirements of Kappa’s channel model. It enables for a rapid response and distribution of Kappa products in Central China and beyond.

Top-notch products and services from a logistics leader contribute to the development of China’s sports industry

Over the past 20 years since it entered China, the infrastructure investor and operator that is committed to driving industrial upgrading, has been engaged in footwear and other FMCG industries, serving many footwear and sports brands. It is one of the few industrial infrastructure investors and operators that not only understands the Chinese market, but also has rich experience in the industry.


The products and services that Prologis has offered to Kappa speak well of what Prologis can achieve. Prologis’ offerings have provided strong supply chain support for Kappa as it grows in the Chinese market.

The head of the logistics department at China Dongxiang said: “No matter what problems crop up, the Prologis team can be very empathetic and are quick to give professional solutions.”

Prologis’ strength is not only reflected in its high-standard logistics and warehousing facilities, but also in its professional capabilities. Prologis has improved the utilization of storage space and effectively saved costs through professional storage space layout and dynamic line arrangement.

Additionally, Prologis’ service also underlines its professionalism. When customers are met with challenges with warehousing and logistics, Prologis’ professional team patiently listen to the needs of customers and provide timely feedback, which saves communication costs and time.

Moving forward, Prologis and Kappa hope to grow together through long-term cooperation while driving awareness of the Kappa brand in the Chinese market and bolstering the prosperity of China’s sports economy.

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