On April 14th, the ANTA Group opened a new distribution center at the Prologis Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Center in northern China, which marks an expansion of the partnership between ANTA and Prologis. Prologis will support ANTA on improving the digitalization of its consumer-focused logistics network.

This is a second regional distribution center established at Prologis logistics parks by ANTA. The customer is currently implementing a “5+N” national logistics network strategy that incorporates primary regional distribution centers and secondary cloud warehouses. Of ANTA’s five primary regional distribution centers, two are located at Prologis logistics parks.

Patrick Li, Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at Prologis China, said: “We are delighted to expand the collaboration with ANTA. The past few years have seen an accelerated growth of the fashion and sports consumer goods industry, backed by national policy and live streaming. With its local and global networks, Prologis supports customers on deploying their logistics network rapidly and efficiently, so as to improve their operational efficiency through automation and intelligent upgrades.”

Prologis Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Center

Prologis Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Center

01 Best-in-class logistics facilities supports ANTA’s logistics network

As a widely recognized global sportswear group, ANTA operates across three business segments: professional sports, fashion sports, and outdoor sports. In 2022, ANTA Group achieved a record-breaking performance with annual revenue exceeding RMB 50 billion, further consolidating its position as one of the most influential global sport products brands.


The new regional distribution center at Prologis Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Center is installed with advanced automatic and intelligent equipment, expected to significantly enhance the efficiency of its operations.

Chen Jiancong, Vice President and General Manager of Logistics of ANTA Group, said:
“ANTA aims to create value for consumers through its brands, products and services, with logistics and warehousing playing a crucial role in achieving this goal. Prologis’ best-in-class facilities and operation services have met our demands for automation and intelligent upgrades, which supports to save costs and improve efficiency.”

Prologis China’s nationwide logistics facilities network at primary locations and vast experience in serving supply chain industries effectively meet ANTA’s high-standard requirements for its regional warehouses. Through this partnership, ANTA is able to optimize its logistics network and distribution routes, resulting in reducing operation costs and significantly improving delivery timeliness.

02 High-standard warehousing facilities accelerate delivery timeliness for fashion and sports brands

Statistics show that e-commerce and new retail drives the rapid growth of China’s fashion market l with total retail sales increasing from 1.5 trillion yuan in 2016 to 1.6 trillion yuan in 2020. Furthermore, it is estimated that the market will maintain a CAGR of 3.5% from 2020 to 2025, ultimately reaching 1.9 trillion yuan by 2025. As market competition intensifies, improving logistics efficiency and reducing supply chain costs will become the key for companies to enhance their competitiveness.


Prologis China’s logistics facilities network in 23 major consumer cities across China covers major logistics hubs and plays a critical role in enabling fashion and sports brands to efficiently expand their distribution network, optimize distribution routes, and enhance distribution efficiency.

Going forward, Prologis will cater to the dynamic market demands from domestic fashion and sports industry. By forging partnerships with a greater number of industry customers, Prologis seeks to further reduce logistics and warehousing costs, to promote the automation and intelligent upgrading of their supply chains, and to enhance the timely delivery of goods or services.

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