With 38 programs launched in 23 cities, our Customer Appreciation Month has come to a successful end. Part of a global campaign, the month-long events are hailed as an exclusive festival for every one of our customers. A series of wonderful events have provided unforgettable moments for every Prologis employee and customer.

It is trust that brings us closer and closer together. With industrial infrastructure that goes above the industry standard, we put the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do. In doing this, we have won the trust of our customers. During the appreciation month, many customers have voiced recognition of our efforts. It is mutual support that pushes our partnerships to new heights as we grow our own companies.

Through exciting activities, we have worked to build trust with our customers

Following the basketball game in South China and the Dragon Boat Festival in West China, we organized exciting events with our customers in East China and North China.

During the Badminton Friendship Tournament held at our Nanjing Airport Logistics Center in the aftermath of a Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, the Prologis team and all customers entered into the spirit of things.

In the fun sports meeting in North China, there were a variety of games, such as fun badminton, golf and street basketball. Participating customers all had a good time. For our customers to know more about Prologis, the on-site property manager also organized a guided tour of the site.

Motivated by the happiness of our clients, Prologis stands ready to serve.

“We are very happy that Prologis can provide such an opportunity for us to play and have fun in the midst of busy company operations. Through this activity, the employees in our park have strengthened their ties with each other. This is exactly what we need. We want our employees to feel a touch of warmth when entering this park. So we really appreciate what Prologis has done.

“In November last year, we moved to this new address. After spending these days getting to know each other, I have fully realized that Prologis is the partner of choice. Here, we feel at home. I think that the Prologis park has provided satisfactory services, with hardware facilities meeting our requirements. The Prologis team is highly responsive to our requests. Because of this, we decided to rent three more warehouses to expand our space.”

“Prologis’ global customer appreciation event is very innovative and captivating. The entire planning team has been considerate and thoughtful, especially in the selection of the event time. The Appreciation Month came at a time when we had just wrapped up the 618 Shopping Festival, the largest mid-year shopping promotion in China by transaction volume. It’s really an opportunity for us to relieve stress and relax our bodies and minds.

“In addition, after entering the Prologis Logistics Park, we have gained an intimate understanding of the professionalism of the Prologis property team. They are proactive and responsive to our every request. They act with agility.”

Grateful for our customers’ trust, we look to add a new chapter to our success story.

Every action we take is a reflection of our unchanging service philosophy. Moving forward, we will do our utmost to service every customer. Although these Appreciation Month events have come to an end, the story of Prologis and its customers continues.

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