On October 26, Prologis Chengdu Xindu Logistics Center hosted a unique customer appreciation event with the theme of “Savoring Intangible Cultural Heritage, Shaping Our Future Together”, which brought captivating performances and hands-on experiences of intangible cultural heritage to Prologis’ customers in Chengdu. More than 300 guests from around 25 customers across  four Prologis logistics centers in Chengdu joined the grand celebration.

Sean Zhou, Vice President and Regional Director of West China at Prologis China said: “At Prologis, customer centricity is one of our core values. As an a localized company in China market, we have deep insight of our customers and are keen to strengthen our relations with compassionate care. Proactive in understanding the needs and preferences of customers, we are able to provide professional and tailor-made services for the satisfaction and success of our customers.”

Intangible cultural heritage is a cherished part of traditional Chinese culture. At this customer appreciation event, Prologis unveiled a magnificent array of intangible cultural activities within one of its logistics facilities. In the familiar warehouse where they usually works, the customers enjoyed the harmonious melodies of the Chinese Guzheng, one of the oldest stringed folk musical instrument in China, and the energetic drum dance. They were delighted in the elegant rhythms of Sichuan Opera and the graceful movements of the water sleeve dance. The performance of Dow Ma Dan left a lasting impression with its distinctive and captivating style. Customers were equally enthralled by such intangible cultural highlights as the long-spouted tea art, the unique “Pijin rolls the lamp ” as well as fantastic face changing and fire-spitting in Sichuan opera.


The essence of the event was the experience session. Customers not only appreciated the beauty of intangible cultural heritage but also were engaged in these traditional crafts and folk arts, with close vision of the invaluable cultural legacies. At the eight onsite experience areas set up, guided by expert narrators and artisans, participants gained a unique glimpse into the world of intangible cultural heritage. It was an unforgettable and immersive experience, which brought the past to life delightful moments in the beauty of intangible cultural heritage.


One of the most well-known story in Sichuan is about the Three Kingdoms. The companionship and honor of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei during the Three Kingdoms period have long served as a inspiration for scholars and writers throughout history. At this event, the face changing performance, a treasured national intangible cultural heritage, depicts the oath of the three heroes to become sworn brothers. 


Ms. Hu, a customer who experienced the water sleeve dance, shared her enthusiasm, “I’m so grateful to Prologis China for organizing this event. It allows us to have in-depth understanding of China’s traditional intangible cultural heritage. It has certainly brought extra fun for us. This event also allows us to leverage the platform of Prologis to further communicate and exchange with other companies, expanding collaborative resources.”


As a global leader in modern logistics facilities, Prologis is more than just a provider of the best-in-class warehousing solutions, but also committed to its customer-centric ethos with professional and customer-oriented services. Additionally, Prologis is dedicated to building an platform for open communication that empowers customers to explore collaborative opportunities within the whole supply chain and to achieve growth with higher efficiency. 

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