On November 2, Prologis, the global leader of modern logistics facilities, hosted a workshop themed “1+1>2: Integration between Logistics of Cross-Border E-Commerce and Best-in-Class Warehouse Facilities” in Shenzhen. Sixty participants discussed the popular topics from enhancing logistics efficiency to innovating in cross-border e-commerce logistics.


Roger Qiu, Vice President and Regional Director of South China at Prologis China, emphasized the critical role of high-standard logistics facilities in cross-border logistics. He introduced Prologis China’s state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure network, operating within the thriving Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). He pointed out that, with the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce, it’s crucial to enhance the quality and efficiency of logistics for many cross-border e-commerce companies. According to him, Prologis China consistently prioritizes customers’ demand and provides them with reliable and efficient logistics facilities to support the expansion of cross-border e-commerce business.


As a pioneer logistics center of Prologis China in the GBA, Prologis Huizhou Huiyang Logistics Center has attracted one of the most distinguished cross-border e-commerce company due to its primary location, best-in-class warehouse facilities, and smart management system. Prologis leasing team shared the practice that how Prologis Huizhou Huiyang Logistics Center served the  cross-border e-commerce customer with one-stop warehousing solution and supported the business growth of the customer.

Prologis has wide experience in serving cross-border e-commerce industry. This is exemplified by one of its prominent cross-border e-commerce customer who strategically utilizes the logistics space at Prologis Foshan Datang Logistics Center. Adjacent to the apparel industry cluster in the GBA, the customer is able to ensure the supply chain stability and maintain seamless connections between transit and operation warehouses in overseas markets. The primary location of Prologis logistics facilities helps the customer shorten the time and lower the costs of logistics, enhancing the overall fulfillment efficiency. With 10-meter in height, the logistics facility also empowers the customer to optimize space utilization and enables it to harness the potential of digitization and visualized warehouse management systems.

Prologis Foshan Datang Logistics Center

In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has emerged as a driving force in China’s foreign trade. Optimizing the cross-border consumption experience and allowing goods to flow around the world are significant competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce companies. Xie Zhuoheng, Secretary General of the Logistics Department of the Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Association and Executive Vice President of the Shenzhen Logistics Industry Association, emphasized in his speech the substantial support that modern warehouse logistics can provide to international transportation and cross-border e-commerce logistics, resulting in higher warehousing efficiency, optimized layouts, and tailor-made services. He also underscored the pivotal role of digital technology in contemporary warehousing logistics. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and AI are driving the intelligence and automation of warehousing logistics and improving operational efficiency and service quality.


Wang Liqiang, President of the Shenzhen Logistics Industry Association, shared his insights into the emerging digital energy and new energy trends in logistics facilities. He highlighted that adoption of new technology can reduce energy consumption and pollution within logistics warehouses while simultaneously improving operation efficiency and sustainability. He encouraged related parties to actively explore and adopt solutions of digital and new energy to promote sustainable development in this sector. As an industry leader, Prologis has announced its net-zero carbon commitment in 2022 and has been incorporating ESG into all aspects of its operations, thus empowering the high-quality growth of its customers.


This workshop has provided a platform for in-depth and open exchange of ideas and opinions, and participants discussed on practical steps that cross-border e-commerce companies can take to enhance their competitive edge in expanding overseas markets through investments in logistics and overseas warehouses. As part of cross-border logistics, Prologis is proactive in strengthening its footprint in the GBA and will continue to expand logistics facilities network, catering to the demand of cross-border e-commerce customers with integrated logistics warehousing solutions.

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