Huizhou Huiyang Logistics Center

Prologis is expanding its impact in the South China market, accelerating the integration of the industry chain and supply chain in the region.

01  With their rapid economic expansion, the cities of Dongguan and Huizhou make up key parts of one of South China’s largest industrial clusters

With a mind to gaining an advantageous position in today’s competitive industrial environment, Guangdong has made plans to accelerate growth in several strategic pillar industries during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. These include such sectors as modern agriculture and food, biomedicine and health, automotives, and advanced materials, among others.

By giving full play to its strong manufacturing capabilities, Dongguan has become an important production and supply base for the global industrial chain.


Known for being a strong manufacturing hub, Huizhou, has blossomed into a trillion-dollar industrial city that is growing at a faster rate than that of most other major cities in the Guangdong province.

Prologis has built six modern industrial parks in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, and other important hub cities. With a total combined floor space of 900,000 square meters, they have played an essential role in the storage and transportation of goods in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).


With their convenient locations, high-standard warehousing facilities, and professional property management services, the Prologis Dongguan Shipai and Huizhou Huiyang logistics centers have lent fresh energy to the take-off of the GBA.

02  With less common areas, and higher utilization rates, Prologis properties in South China empower the upgrading of industrial infrastructure

Both the Dongguan Shipai and Huizhou Huiyang warehouses have a low common area factor of less than 1%, making them the best choice for tenants.

In addition, the two parks maintain the high standards that Prologis is synonymous with, particularly when it comes to warehouse locations, internal construction and service management. They have invested in industrial infrastructure that is more suited to the local warehousing and logistics requirements in South China.

  • Prologis Dongguan Shipai Logistics Center

Located in the center of the Pearl River Delta region, the Prologis Dongguan Shipai Logistics Center provides seamless access to the Eastern Express (Shenzhen Metro Line 14) and the Conghua-Dongguan Expressway.The 241,652 sqm park boasts high-utilization warehouses with three-dimensional storage space.

In addition, the width of the rain shed ensures that platform operators and goods are safe from the elements. The multiple parking spaces for trucks contribute to alleviated congestion during peak periods.


  •   Prologis Huizhou Huiyang Logistics Center

The Huizhou Huiyang Logistics Center is close to the eastern part of Shenzhen, about 5 km from the exit of the G15 Shenyang-Haikou Expressway, about 10 km from Huizhou South Railway Station, and about 70 km from Dongguan City. The site’s transportation connectivity and geographic location make it an ideal choice for warehousing and regional distribution.

In addition, the park is about 5 km from Shenzhen Pingshan Industrial Zone and about 40 km from downtown Huizhou. It is therefore a regional distribution center that spans Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Dongguan.

Notably, the Huiyang project has attained LEED silver certification, an international green building rating system.

The Huiyang project is also hailed for the high utilization of its warehouses. The park provides large enough receiving and unloading space and parking lots to fully meet the needs of customers.


Meanwhile, both the Dongguan and Huiyang sites have put in place strict standards for fire safety. They are equipped with fire alarms and monitors to help customers effectively minimize the risk of fire and theft.

Moving ahead, Prologis will work to optimize the industrial supply chain while pursing cost reduction and increased efficiency to help upgrade the industrial clusters in South China.



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