Prologis Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center has positioned itself as a distribution center in Tianjin and in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region at large. It is a provider of large-capacity and high-standard warehousing services for customers in household goods, apparel, food, medicine and other industries.

Based in Tianjin, it covers the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

At present, Prologis has three properties in Tianjin, respectively in the north, the middle and the south of the city. Centrally located is the Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center.

The park is also conveniently situated near a well-developed transport network. First of all, it is located in the formerly downtown area of Tianjin. It is very close to the heart of the former downtown – the 6th district, and the new urban center – Bincheng. Secondly, it is proximate to the S30 Beijing-Tianjin Expressway and only 1,500 meters away from the Future Science and Technology City exit of the S51 Ninghe-Jinghai Expressway. By way of the S51 Expressway, the center is accessible to 7 expressways. It is 15 kilometers away from the urban area (the Outer Ring Road) of Tianjin, 15 kilometers away from the Tianjin Airport Logistics Zone and 100 kilometers away from the Beijing Sixth Ring Road. Due to its location, the park presents itself as the ideal choice for customers as their distribution centers in Tianjin as well as Prologis’ distribution center in North China.

The surrounding area of the Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center is considered to be a highly suitable area for living. In Ninghe Bay, which is 1.5 kilometers away from the center, and Hai Hang City, which is 4 kilometers away, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, hotels and entertainment venues are readily available to meet the living needs of the employees working in the enterprises in the park.

The LEED certification testifies to the center’s performance in energy saving and environmental protection

With a floor area of 136,600 square meters, the Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center has a total of six high-quality warehouses, each of which is about 24,000 square meters.

The steel structure of the warehouses is designed and built by USAS Building System, a pioneer in the metal building industry. While ensuring the long-term reliability of the steel structure, the company has also employed advanced vertical seam locking technology to forestall roof leaks. The warehouse floor has been constructed by a dedicated team of domestic contractors to reach a load-bearing capacity of 3 tons per square meter. The wear-resistant concrete floor meets the ASTM standard in terms of floor flatness and wear resistance and has reached the higher standards of the industry in terms of floor settlement control. Sourced from the U.S.-based company Rite-Hite, the unloading platforms and lifting doors are both sturdy and durable.

Especially noteworthy is the LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council that the property has received. The center is one of the first Prologis properties to obtain such a certification in China. The park outperforms most warehouses on the market in energy conservation and environmental protection. The LED energy-saving lamps used in the warehouses save up to 40% more electricity and last longer than ordinary metal halide lamps. The roof is fitted with a 3% skylight area, which enables customers to work and operate under natural light conditions during the day. This installation helps reduce energy costs.

Though being energy saving, the warehouse offers an equally well-controlled temperature. The lighting belt adopts double-layer thermal insulation technology to ensure sufficient lighting yet unaffected thermal insulation of the roof. The thermal insulation functions of the roof and wall, combined with its excellent ventilation design, translate into a good working environment in the warehouse. For the storage of more types of goods, the warehouse walls has been filled with 75mm thick thermal insulation glass fiber wool while the ceiling has been filled with 100 mm thick glass fiber wool to obtain a 10 °C temperature difference between indoors and outdoors.

The park is well designed to provide protection for customers

The warehouse is equipped with two platforms for loading and unloading goods at a distance of 50 meters on each side respectively. The design is convenient in that it allows truck drivers to quickly move and park, improving the efficiency of goods coming in and out of the warehouse. At the same time, the design of the unloading platform is also very well-conceived. The platform is 1.3 meters in height and 4.5 meters in width. The remarkable width allows for enough space to arrange goods on the platform. A 7.5-meter canopy functions to ensure that the platform operators and goods are not exposed to the elements.

The roads in the park are spacious, with one-way lanes being no less than 7 meters and two-way lanes being no less than 9 meters in width. This setup facilitates the rapid passage of trucks and further improves transportation efficiency.

The Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center puts a premium on safety.

Firstly, it enforces strict standards for fire safety. Following relevant standards, it is installed with quick-response and early-suppression ESFR sprinklers. It conforms to safety and fire protection standards for high-stack, high-bay warehouses. Large-capacity fire-fighting pools ensure sufficient water reservation under any circumstances. The proven fire alarm system and 24-hour uninterrupted fire monitoring provides 24-hour security video surveillance of the perimeter fence and outfield without the creation of any blind spots, reducing the risk of fire and theft to a minimum.

Secondly, public areas are comprehensively monitored 24/7 without leaving any blind spots, and security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day and patrol regularly. Electronic fences are installed all around the perimeter of the park, with electronic pulse alarm devices on the tops of fences.

In addition, in order to provide customers with the best service, Prologis has a long track record of using its own team to manage the property to the industry's higher standards, instead of outsourcing property management services. This ensures a timely response to customer needs.

In general, the Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center draws on its superior geographical location and high-quality hardware facilities to provide customers with high-quality warehousing services. It is one of the few LEED certified properties on the market.


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