In the recently published 2021-22 ESG Report, Prologis announced the aggressive goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040 across the entire value chain. Over the years, we have been exploring new ways to achieve the goal, and had some representative results so far.

Staying true to the green development philosophy that is gaining traction all over the world, we are proud of being an infrastructure investor and operator that is committed to driving industrial upgrading. Going forward, we will continuously invest in green and low-carbon technologies and strengthen our industrial presence to build out our core competitive advantages in sustainability.

Leading the way to net zero goals

On October 14, 2021, Prologis and Monoprix opened the world's first zero-carbon logistics platform in Seine-et-Marne, France. It is the first project in the world to be certified carbon neutral. The 100,000 sqm platform is built on a comprehensively renovated ex-industrial site, run by Monoprix and equipped with robotics technology developed by French firm Exotec.

The “Avoid - Reduce - Offset” process will take 150,000 tonnes of CO2 - 80% of emissions - out of the project: eliminating 40,000 tonnes in the construction process and another 110,000 tonnes in the 50-year operational phase. The remaining 20% will be offset by reforestation projects.

Not only did the project use more environmentally friendly materials during construction, it also employs lower-carbon storage and transportation equipment in its operations. A holistic approach helps make possible the world's first zero carbon project.

Beyond net-zero projects “leading the way”

Beyond zero-carbon projects, Prologis has also made significant achievements in the construction of low-carbon parks. Located on Prologis Apex Park, near Daventry, Prologis has delivered a brand new 435,000 sq ft unit. The new unit is also the first development of its type to achieve an EPC rating of A+, meeting the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) Framework Definition of Net-Zero Carbon for both embodied & operational carbon. It is predicted that the unit will generate more energy than it uses, avoiding the creation of 105 tonnes of CO2 per year and feeding unused energy back into the grid.

The new beyond net-zero unit at Apex Park is BREEAM rated “Outstanding” - placing it in the top 1% of UK non-domestic buildings. When certified at Post Construction stage by BREEAM, the building scored 88.2%, which was the highest “Industrial 2018 Shell & Core” score achieved so far.

The building includes the installation of bespoke energy saving technology. In addition to the standard sustainability measures provided by Prologis, a 1.4MW rooftop solar system has also been installed, resulting in a building which will return more energy to the grid than it uses. The surplus energy it generates will help to power other homes and businesses. The project is also fitted with rainwater harvesting and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Martin Cooper, Vice President, Development Management at Prologis UK, said: “This is a milestone for Prologis. This building at Apex Park takes carbon reduction to a new level. We are on track to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. We look forward to seeing more environmentally friendly projects and we are very proud to be leading the way.”

Moving forward, Prologis will accelerate its global low-carbon strategy while working together with players along the supply chain, upstream and downstream on energy saving and emission reduction. As an advocate of sustainable development, we will remain committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the operational efficiency of customers, and helping the development of the low-carbon economy, and practicing ESG and UN sustainability standards with practical actions.  Customers in various industries can rely on us for green, high-standard, smart industrial infrastructure and low-carbon solutions that empowers industrial upgrading and company growth.


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