Recently Prologis China has again expanded cooperation with a leading e-commerce customer in Xi’an. With its state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and high-standard operation services, Prologis China has helped to enhance the customer’s logistics, warehousing, and distribution network. By completion of this successful cooperation, partnership between Prologis China and this e-comm customer has now spanned across nine cities in China.

Patrick Li, Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at Prologis China, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to strengthen our cooperation with the customer. Prologis has witnessed the fast growth of e-commerce in China and has also grown with customer together.. The Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park (XITLP)is dedicated to becoming a ‘Belt and Road’ e-commerce innovation center, and Prologis’ huge global customer base stands ready to support local industries and promote the development of the e-commerce ecosystem.”

The rise of the e-commerce and new retailing has been facilitated by the upgrading of consumption and Internet technology. Increasing market demand has resulted in a higher variety and quantity of SKUs, creating a greater need for robust logistics and warehousing solutions. As the marketing network expands and business volume grows, our customer demands upgrading logistics and warehousing systems to improve efficiency and consumer experience.

The Prologis Xi’an ITL Logistics Center is strategically located in a crucial transportation hub in Northwest China. With Prologis warehousing facilities here, our customer is able to enjoy the convenience offered by the XITLP to expand its logistics distribution network in Shaanxi and throughout Northwest China. By providing high-standard modern logistics facilities and operation services, Prologis helps the customer reduce logistics costs and delivers a better brand experience to its end consumers.


The XITLP is the only free trade pilot area in Northwest China. It is located at a crucial point along “Belt and Road” and has the capacity to serve important consumer cities in Northwest China. XITLP has made significant efforts in recent years to develop a world-class inland port and a modern, international logistics system. As a result, it has established a logistics base for both road-rail and river-rail intermodel transport. The park serves as a hub for cargo distribution, as well as container transshipment in western China. XITLP was approved as a national e-commerce demonstration base in 2015. Since then, it has made significant strides in developing new industries, such as cross-border and livestreaming e-commerce. This has allowed the park to gradually establish a complete e-commerce ecosystem.


By leveraging Prologis’ global customer base, Xi’an ITL Logistics Center is poised to support the industrial cluster of e-commerce in the XITLP. This will lead to the coordinated and efficient development of upstream and downstream industries, ultimately empowering local new industries to flourish. In addition, by leveraging Prologis’ extensive logistics networks that are distributed across major consumer cities throughout the country, e-commerce players can quickly make use of and deploy from logistics and warehousing networks that cover key consumer markets nationwide. This will allow them to optimize logistics distribution routes, reduce transportation costs, and improve the quality and efficiency of logistics in the supply chain. 

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