Prologis Langfang Bazhou Logistics Center

Total Size:
83,200 SM
Property Type
4 single-story warehouses

Bazhou Jinba Modern Manufacturing Industrial Park

Property Details

The Project is located in modern manufacturing industrial park of bazhou economic development zone. It locates in the golden triangle central core location of Beijing, tianjin and Xiongan new district, adjacent to the highway (G18) which can be connected with Jinghu high-speed (G2), Jingtai high-speed (G3) and Daguang high-speed (G45). It can also approach to Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, jinan, guangzhou and other regions which is always regarded as the ideal choice of the regional distribution.

It only takes 27 kilometers to tianjin and 92 kilometers to Beijing, which can serve as an excellent node of urban distribution. Prologis provides high quality storage facilities and professional property management services.

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