This year’s Global Customer Appreciation Month is in full swing. We know that some of our customers in a number of Chinese cities have already taken part in the excitement. Now, let us review what has been happening on the frontline.

Everyone at all the 6 parks across South China has been having a good time

On June 11, the “Prologis Cup” Greater Bay Area basketball tournament kicked off at Prologis Dongguan Shipai Logistics Center, with 10 basketball teams from 6 parks in South China competing with each other. The cheers of the spectators brought the event to a rousing climax. The competition will be remembered as an unforgettable experience for all the people on the scene.


What truly matters is not the results, but the team spirit showed on the court. Below are the highlights from the winning teams:


At the Wuhan Jiangxia Logistics Center, the parent-child program set out to enhance the bond between parents and children

On Children’s Day (June 1), members from nearly 30 families gathered together to have fun and enjoy the event.


A variety of interesting activities were offered to step up interaction and build communication between parents and children, including bubble wars, happy planet, fun target shooting, doll wars, hand painting kites, DIY rice dumplings, and so on. There was an air of passion, joy and friendly competition in the activities. The children and parents were enthusiastic and happy to participate. It was a scene filled with love.


Prologis celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival with our dear customers in the Chengdu Longquan Logistics Center

For the 2022 Prologis Global Customer Appreciation Month, the Chengdu Longquan location tried something new: an interactive activity full of traditional cultural elements was introduced to our customers.

With a warm atmosphere, the activity gave customers a fresh and entertaining experience of Chinese culture. It is also worth drawing attention to the Fate Wall matching activity where we created an opportunity for a man and a woman to meet and get to know one another.


At present, 21 locations have celebrated the Customer Appreciation Month with a series of wonderful programs. There are 17 programs currently underway. The fun sports meeting in the North Region and the badminton match in the East Region are also being hotly anticipated. We are convinced that they will prove to be equally rewarding.

Being customer-centric, the Prologis team strives to create a caring, comfortable and trust-based workplace for all our customers.

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