At a time of increasingly fierce competition between cities, urban authorities are in search of the most suitable breakthroughs to steer future growth. As a comprehensive service sub-center and strategic emerging industry base in the international metropolis of Xi’an, Fengxi is of significant strategic significance. In order to support its development, the location is in need of more pillar industries and stronger industrial facilities.

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Pooling resources for industrial transformation and upgrading

The Xixian New Area, where Fengxi is located, is the seventh national-level new district in China to undertake the mission of being a key driver of industrial development. As the district finds itself charged with growing responsibilities, such as investment attraction, project construction and corporate services, improved facilitation is proving to be crucial for reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Prologis Xi’an Fengxi Logistics Center is strategically located, at the intersection of Xi’an and Xianyang. Easy access to the triple-layered transportation network of highways, railways and airports can not only allow the Xixian New Area to meet supply demand in Xi’an, but also enhance the ability of enterprises to export goods. Benefiting from the Belt and Road Initiative, it can facilitate dual circulation at home and abroad while steadily expanding into new fields.


Reaping talent dividends and future-proofing itself with technological innovations

The Xi’an Fengxi Logistics Center is built around many famous schools such as Xi’an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnical University, which will allow it to build an advantageous talent pool. In line with the development concepts of technology and innovation, the center helps to solve problems currently faced by the industry to better support the development of enterprises, at the same time, prompting enterprises to create more jobs.

Prioritizing environmental protection and sustainable development

In 2022, when the implementation of China’s dual-carbon plan enters a critical stage, various industries will introduce a number of environmental protection policies in order to achieve carbon neutrality and carbon peak as soon as possible.


Prologis Xi’an Fengxi Logistics Center had an environmental protection action plan in place during its construction period. The warehouses were equipped with energy-saving lamps and 3% of the roof was identified for use as lighting belts to improve the utilization of natural renewable energy. Beyond reducing emissions and energy consumption, the use of green manufacturing and energy-saving systems have helped to reduce operating costs and promote green production and a greener way of life in the local area.

With its commitment to sustainable development, Prologis will work to provide customers and industries with high-standard green and intelligent industrial infrastructure that empowers industrial upgrading and improves the prosperity of enterprises.

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