Prologis’s recent campaign designed to drive mental health awareness and well-being in China has just ended in success. In a break with traditional fundraising or goods donation campaigns, it allows the public to do volunteer work without the need to meet in person. With its creativity, attractiveness and accessibility, the campaign has gained widespread attention and provoked an enthusiastic response from the public since its initiation on May 13.

Since 2013, Prologis employees around the world have volunteered in May of every year to provide a wide spectrum of services to disadvantaged groups. This is how the people that make up Prologis strive to give back to the communities where we live and work. The IMPACT Day is in the tenth year. This year, Prologis China looks to call on its employees, business partners and the public to participate in this special program by submitting their voice recordings. In doing this, we hope that more people can take the initiative to serve the common good.

During the warm-up stage of the event, we discussed ESG topics with the head of the SF Foundation’s Voluntary Service, founded by SF Express, and the Deputy Secretary-General of Yicai Public Welfare Foundation in an online live broadcast themed “Innovative approaches to Corporate philanthropy and volunteerism in the context of increasing the importance of ESG", while communicating our investments, practices and achievements in ESG to the public. Our performance in ESG has been highly recognized by government agencies and people responsible for CSR projects at major enterprises. The number of viewers on the video account alone has reached 11,021.


As of May 31, a total of more than 300 volunteers from different backgrounds have recorded more than 500 audio clips, covering prose, stories, picture books, music, interesting vlogs and other content. In addition to the 159 Prologis employees and their families, we have also successfully engaged business partners and university students in a way that breaks the limitations of space and time and how many people may participate in an event.

The audio collected has been reviewed and processed, with some works uploaded to the “Public Welfare Bridge” platform for the public to listen to. At the same time, all the audio files will also be donated to schools for children of migrant workers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhejiang and other cities. They will be played during recess to expand the students' horizons. They will be presented to children in the form of bedtime stories. The campaign aims to offer different styles of recorded audio as a way to increase children's interest and enthusiasm in reading books. The recordings, which carry messages of love and hope, have also been sent to the rehabilitation departments of hospitals, and rehabilitation centers in the communities.

The campaign provides young families and people with disabilities who have been affected by the epidemic with diversified knowledge and information acquisition channels to help relieve their distress. The recordings will also be donated to other urban schools to enrich their radio broadcasts and drive the children's mental growth and broaden their knowledge.


Prologis China is grateful to all the volunteers for their involvement. We believe that ease of participation is key to more people being called on to contribute to public undertakings. Everyone at Prologis is urged to be an ambassador of love, so that we can make volunteer practices commonplace.

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