The future flow of goods is how Prologis views automation, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, and other fast-evolving technologies that will soon shake up the status quo of the industrial logistics industry.

Our business has big global economic impact. Just how big, exactly?

In early 2017, we partnered with Oxford Economics to aggregate and analyze a broad range of data to show how our business impacts the world’s economy.

Our study revealed that the impact of logistics infrastructure in general, and Prologis’ business specifically, extends far beyond the distribution of goods.

We discovered that Prologis’ effect on the global economy and job creation is significant and growing. To illustrate:

  • The value of goods flowing through Prologis buildings annually is nearly $1.3 trillion, which equates to 1.7 percent of global GDP.
  • The number of jobs under our roofs, 816,000, is more than the employment of McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola combined.
  • The collective economic impact of Prologis and our customers is $200 billion annually which is $22 million per hour.

From facilitating jobs to boosting the tax base, logistics infrastructure has a meaningful and measurable impact, making Prologis a force for global prosperity.


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