For the logistics industry, road accidents are a chronic problem. This is particularly true in such emerging markets as China, which is experiencing rapid urbanization, infrastructure growth and a rising volume of vehicles on the roadways each year. As a consequence, it is essential for industry to take measures to make roadways safer. Prologis is working to improve human safety and quality of life with its China Road Safety Program.

The China Road Safety Program, which began in 2013 as a corporate social responsibility initiative to promote awareness about safe driving in China, has evolved into a tool to better serve customers, employees, communities and local governments. It is also a means to enhance the reputation of the logistics industry overall.

After the initial rollout in East and West China, Prologis’ China Road Safety Program expanded into the south and north of the country, training over 100 drivers and road-related staff each year. Every driver who completes the road safety training program is recognized with a special safe driving kit.

The goal of the China Road Safety Program is to educate drivers, equipping them with tools to help reduce road tragedies. Prologis launched its driver safety training in 2013 at the Prologis Jiuting Logistics Center in Shanghai. The company’s second road safety program training was held at the Prologis Chengdu Airport Logistics Center in September of the same year. That event was supported by the center’s three tenants—Deppon Logistics, Geodis and Walmart—as well as by the Chengdu Shuangliu Traffic Police Administration, demonstrating a desire by local authorities to aid our efforts. As community safety programs connect to our social responsibility initiatives, driver safety training programs have also been integrated with Prologis’ global day of service, IMPACT, throughout China.

A recent session at Prologis Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center was backed by national customer Deppon Logistics and other international customers. “At Deppon, we take pride in being a responsible corporate citizen, and road safety is one of our focus areas,” says Mr. Gong, Deppon’s office manager. “So when we were presented with this opportunity, we immediately responded with a yes and started signing up our drivers.”

The Chinese logistics industry is projected to continue growing at a rapid pace. To support this growth, there are plans for the Road Safety Program to go deeper geographically and demographically in China in 2017 and beyond. The program is clearly producing results. According to the chief of the Guangzhou Traffic Police Administration, “The work Prologis is doing will definitely have a far-reaching impact for which we are so appreciative.”

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