An infrastructure investor and operator committed to driving industrial upgrading, Prologis China has taken proactive measures to enable the resumption of production at enterprises responsible for providing essential supplies while acting in line with the government’s pandemic prevention and control regulations. This is how the global leader in logistics infrastructure is working to accelerate the recovery of the Chinese economy.



With the escalation of lockdown restrictions, Prologis China responded rapidly to calls from the government by setting up an emergency response team and creating emergency plans which were instantly communicated to operators at all of its centers. Through the efforts of operation teams in China, Prologis’ logistics centers across the country did a great job in day-to-day operations and epidemic prevention. It played its part in helping deliver supplies, keep production lines up and running and stabilize the economy.

Taking a science-based approach to epidemic prevention at Prologis’ logistics parks

Prologis China has fulfilled its social responsibility during the epidemic. It has made good use of its spacious parks, wide plots of land, and advanced facilities, taking the initiative to meet local government demands for epidemic prevention supplies and providing nucleic acid testing sites free of charge. Additionally, Prologis China has deployed its staff to provide assistance to the government in carrying out nucleic acid testing, maintaining order, tracking those who test positive, and doing epidemiological surveys.

Through sound anti-epidemic measures, Prologis China has ensured precise control and information tracking of all people and vehicles entering the parks, and taken comprehensive and effective prevention and control of the epidemic.

Up to now, tens of thousands of people have been tested at the nucleic acid testing sites provided by Prologis. The company has also helped the government to trace the movements of logistics personnel, implement hierarchical control measures, precise prevention measures, and realize the dynamic zero-COVID-19 target at the social level.



Ensuring the delivery of supplies and the resumption of work and production

While going above and beyond in attempting to manage the epidemic, Prologis is also actively promoting the resumption of production and work of the enterprises it partners with to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the economy. While taking steps to stamp out the pandemic, the Prologis China team has provided support for enterprises in its logistics centers that have a significant impact on people's livelihoods and social stability. This is to ensure these companies can operate 24 hours a day to meet the people’s growing demand for epidemic prevention and living necessities.

It is also worth mentioning that Prologis China has taken the initiative to assist enterprises distressed by lack of manpower in the distribution, loading, and unloading, and disinfection of anti-epidemic supplies. This ensured that the anti-epidemic essentials can arrive at lockdown areas in a safe and timely manner.



Prologis’ 42 logistic parks in China are working with enterprises to ensure safe production and efficient operation at a time of recurring outbreaks in many parts of the country. In this manner, the company strives to guarantee the continuous distribution of epidemic prevention goods as well as medical and livelihood items to virus-affected areas. The resumption of production of logistics enterprises, an indispensable part of the modern service industry, is also instrumental in clearing supply chain blockages that weigh on economic activities, and accelerating economic recovery.

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