China’s efforts to strive towards carbon peaking and carbon neutrality have prompted corporations to integrate sustainable development and corporate social responsibility into their businesses.

As an infrastructure investor and operator that is committed to driving industrial upgrading, Prologis is leveraging its global capabilities to tap into the Chinese market.

“We used to serve big customers in Europe and America, but now it's the other way around. We now help our Chinese customers go global. As the world’s second-largest economy continues to grow, Prologis customers in China will expand their footprint globally in the future.” – Thomas Liu, President of Prologis, Greater China Region

As a discerning industry observer, he has more than 30 years of experience in building and expanding businesses in multiple sectors. His cross-sector experience has given him a keen understanding of the dynamics of the supply chain industry.

A global Strategy

Pursuing a global strategy, Prologis has promoted the global flow of capital, technology and advanced management methods.

Whether it is fund investment, global reach or talent training, the leading global real estate company has developed its own unique advantages. Its globally minded investment approach, diversified investments and inclusive corporate culture have attracted and retained a wealth of talent who help advance its strategic growth.

However, Prologis is never complacent. It is constantly adjusting its course.

Being upbeat about the prospects of the Chinese market

It can be said that Prologis is part of China's economic miracle.

It not only provides infrastructure services and participates in the development of relevant standards, but also introduces an international warehousing and logistics service system.

“The entry of Prologis into China has driven the development of the Chinese logistics market.” According to Thomas Liu, Prologis China has been working to introduce the logistics infrastructure standards found in Europe, America, Japan and other countries into China to improve the logistics standards system in the country.

Why is Prologis so bullish about the Chinese market? Liu believes China will continue to be one of the most promising e-commerce markets in the world.

As of the first quarter of 2022, Prologis China's assets under management accounted for 2.1% of Prologis’ investment portfolio. But Thomas is confident that this percentage will increase with future business growth driven by China's strong economic performance.

In 2022, industrial transformation and upgrading has become an important trend for the Chinese economy. Prologis China has been helping companies improve operational efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions. Assisting clients to better boost their ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) performance has been Prologis’ long-standing commitment.

Empowering industrial upgrading

In China, Prologis has provided many companies with solutions that go beyond warehousing. It has armed its clients with capabilities that help them get adapted to industrial restructuring.

“We are also focusing on new technologies related to logistics infrastructure, such as automation, artificial intelligence and big data. Often, opportunities for venture capital can be found in the connection of our upstream and downstream industry chains.”

Based on what has been achieved in industrial infrastructure, Prologis China is also making breakthroughs and localizing its operations.

The company will continue to rely on its global network and industry expertise to empower Chinese companies to grow while continuously strengthening its commitment to ESG. Under Liu’s leadership, Prologis China will further contribute to the prosperity of its customers and the high-quality transformation of the logistics industry.


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