The development of e-commerce and “New Retail” has extended the FMCG market from being based on fixed places to pan-retail and diversified scenarios. The FMCG market is increasingly diversified with a proliferation of SKUs. Figuring out how to improve the efficiency of FMCG supply chains and enhance consumer experiences has become a key issue for industry transformation and upgrading.

In response to changing market dynamics, Prologis looks to promote the digitalization of FMCG supply chains.

The fast-changing FMCG industry calls for the resilience and agility of its supply chains. As an infrastructure investor and operator that is committed to driving industrial upgrading, Prologis has been providing customers with high standard facilities and operation services to help them actively adapt to the new changes.

The 10th National FMCG and Retail Supply Chain Summit and Digital Transformation Summit was successfully held in Guangzhou on October 20, 2022. Prologis and many influential domestic retail brands gathered to discuss the latest trends in the domestic FMCG market and ways to help digitize FMCG and retail supply chains.

In the discussion titled “Observations on the Chinese FMCG Supply Chains”, Mr. Roger Qiu, Vice President of Prologis China and Regional Head of South China, spoke with Mr. Chen Jiahe, Mr. Chen Haiquan and Mr. Cai Jun about the new changes in FMCG supply chains and the new demands for warehousing facilities.

Roger said: “FMCG iterations come fast. A high efficiency of product distribution needs to be ensured. FMCG brands increasingly need to consider how to deliver to the smallest distribution units via the optimal routes, and with the fastest speed and the smallest loss, while improving inventory turnover.”

Prologis has continuously integrated supply chain distribution centers and streamlined its network of warehouses across the country in an effort to improve its responsiveness to changing FMCG market demand. The ultimate aim of Prologis is to help FMCG customers cut supply chain costs and speed up order fulfillment. 

Prologis increases its presence in South China to advance the industrial development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA)

Relying on its huge network of global industrial assets, Prologis has in recent years increased its footprint in dozens of cities in West China, East China, South China and North China. It has successfully opened more than 40 supply chain industrial parks.

Leveraging the advantages of industrial clustering, the region of South China is leading the way in economic development, urban construction and industrial chain upgrading. With strengthening regional cooperation, the GBA has accelerated the building of a modern industrial system and worked hard to improve its infrastructure connectivity.

In order to drive the development of FMCG supply chains in South China, Prologis has built six modern industrial parks in important hub cities. With its convenient location, high-standard warehousing facilities and professional property management services, the Prologis South China Industrial Park has successfully gone into operation. The park will help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency while helping accelerate the integrated development of the GBA.

At the summit, Prologis was recognized by the attending supply chain enterprises for its project experience and warehousing and supply chain solutions.

High-standard warehousing hardware, professional service and strong investment in ESG have become particular strengths for Prologis in the domestic supply chain market and are likely to continue bringing in more market partnerships.

Going forward, Prologis will continue to offer high-quality warehousing facilities and professional services, cooperate with enterprises upstream and downstream in the industry and provide more efficient and intelligent warehousing support for customers in South China and across the country.


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