With a wealth of customer service experience and devoted integrated solutions for industrial upgrading, Prologis has garnered the highest levels of trust and recognition from the cross-border e-commerce giant SHEIN in the past 4 years. Acting as a key contributor to economic development in South China, the company has also empowered the local clothing industry cluster to move up the value chain.

Holistic solutions enable customers to transform and upgrade their supply chains

SHEIN is a China-based cross-border e-commerce platform founded in October 2008. Over years of growth, it has expanded its business to include 18 attractive areas. Serving the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, India and other overseas markets, it is present in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Between 2017 and 2020, SHEIN recorded cumulative sales of nearly 110 billion yuan from its overseas markets. The latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps revealed that SHEIN has surpassed Amazon, Walmart and other e-commerce giants to become the most downloaded shopping application in the world.

Behind this meteoric rise is the firm support the fashion company’s supply chain provides.

The Prologis Foshan Datang Logistics Center in Sanshui District and the Foshan Gaoming Logistics Center in the Xiaodong Industrial Park are advantageously located. The proximity of the centers to the apparel industry clusters, coupled with the company’s strong transportation capabilities, makes Prologis a partner of choice for SHEIN as the Chinese online fast fashion retailer markets its products in the world.

Building on years of experience in hardware management, Prologis China has pursued continuous improvement in the layout of its warehouses to provide customers with maximum space utilization. A clear height of 10m makes possible the arrangement of three levels of racking and allows customers to maximize the use of three-dimensional storage space in the warehouse. The warehouse boasts a hardened and wear-resistant concrete floor, a full coverage of heat insulation and thermal insulation materials and a large open-air parking space. It exceeds customer expectations for storage convenience.

It has been reported that after using Prologis China's logistics infrastructure, customers have seen a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of the supply chain, with better-than-before inventory management, dynamic line arrangement and storage space planning.

Beyond state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure, Prologis China also provides a range of other value-adding services, including global warehouse planning and consulting, talent replenishment, building a better working environment for the staff, enriching their lives and ensuring their safety during the epidemic. The one-stop solution allows SHEIN to focus on the production and sale of products with as little hassle as possible as the company works to build brand awareness and product recognition.

A proven track record in offering professional services to help upgrade the industry

Customer orientation, combined with professionalism, is a winning formula for Prologis China. Prologis believes that this is not only about meeting customer demands, but also concerns giving professional advice on how to optimize storage efficiency, supply chain planning and daily operations. Prologis also places emphasis on carrying out customized reorganization based on the conditions of the warehouse.

In the case of SHEIN, Prologis China put forward professional solutions that are more profitable for its long-term development based on SHEIN's needs and supply chain demands at different development stages.


Building on deep insight into industry trends, and high-standard logistics infrastructure network and professional services, Prologis has championed and invested in a green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly supply chain. Through proactive efforts over the years, Prologis and SHEIN have carved out a symbiotic relationship as they move towards sustainability. 

Going forward, Prologis China will continue to capitalize on its global infrastructure network, forward-looking vision, service capabilities and operation experience to help industries, represented by cross-border e-commerce, to transform and upgrade.

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