In line with the industrial structure evolvement in Xi’an driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, Prologis has provided high quality industrial infrastructure of international standards for Xi’an and its neighboring area. The leader in logistics real estate has worked tirelessly to empower industrial upgrading, gaining growing market recognition.

Customers’ trust and support, a cornerstone of business growth, continue to be the most valued assets of Prologis as it grows over the decades. Prologis is steadfast in upholding the contract of trust it has with its customers and is committed to delivering on every promise. The company has established strong and intimate friendships with market players while acting as an anchor for supply chain stability.

In order to thank Xi’an-based customers for their recognition and support, Prologis China held an appreciation party for customers at the Xi’an Fengxi Logistics Center and promotion meeting for the Xi’an ITL Logistics Center in the afternoon of September 29th. The events created joyful and unforgettable moments for every Prologis person and customer.

Building a healthy and stable supply chain system together

Dong Qianli

One of the most fundamental and leading industries, logistics is the lifeline of the Chinese economy. Professor Dong Qianli, PhD supervisor at Chang’an University, explained the importance of the supply chain industry for supporting the implementation of China’s major strategies and for guaranteeing the high-quality development of the Chinese economy.

Zhou Zheng

Mr. Zhou Zheng, General Manager of Prologis China for West China, said in his speech that Prologis cannot do without the full support of its partners. Up to now, Prologis has nine high-standard warehousing projects in three cities in West China, with a combined warehouse space of 1.47 million square meters.

Over the years, it has established strong and intimate partnerships with market players while acting as an anchor for supply chain stability.

This was also acclaimed by speakers from Instant Technology Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital China, and Jingdong Logistics.

Wang Junzang

“As a company following the ‘Supply Chain + Big Data + Alot’ development strategy, we believe we will be closely connected with Prologis moving forward. This is the rationale for our decision to cooperate with Prologis. Not to mention the firm’s high standard infrastructure,” said Mr. Wang Junzang, Operations Director of Instant Technology Logistics for West China.

Luo Xiangbo

Mr. Luo Xiangbo, Operation Director of Jingdong Logistics Shaanxi, noted: “Prologis China considers Jingdong Logistics (JDL) a reliable partner for cooperation.”

At the conference, JDL presented a panorama of the integrated supply chain. JDL hopes to join hands with Prologis to continuously create value as a trusted provider of supply chain services.

Accelerating green warehousing and enhancing the sustainability of enterprises

Laurence Liao

In the past 40 years, Prologis has integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) into its business. Laurence Liao, Vice President Strategic Initiatives of Prologis China, shared the company’s ESG best practices. Being committed to ESG, Prologis will continue to help clients to improve their sustainability.

Chen Yuehua

Mr. Chen Yuehua, Government and Enterprise Strategic Account Director, said: “The promotion of green energy buildings will be effective in advancing the integration of photovoltaics (PV) into the building envelope. At the same time, the application of green energy buildings can help enterprises meet ESG requirements regarding environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development.”

Prologis China stands ready to work with its customers to grow and prosper. In the future, Prologis will join forces with its customers to continue to break ground in spite of market headwinds, pushing the supply chain industry to new heights and empowering the sustainable development of its customers.


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