In October 2021, Anta Group opened its southwest China regional warehouse in the Prologis Chengdu Longquan Logistics Center.

Anta Group

Anta Group is a leading sportswear company specializing in the design, production, marketing and operation of sportswear, footwear, accessories and other sports equipment. This is the start of a strong working partnership between Anta Group and Prologis. It will see the two companies integrate different functions, such as base warehouses, regional warehouses, cloud warehouses and e-commerce warehouses, and will serve to strengthen their presence in western China.

From the preliminary discussions to the confirmation of partnership details, the Prologis China team has impressed Anta with its business practices, demonstrating professionalism and rigor in its attention to details, problem solving, and process control. In the event of collisions arising from differences in corporate culture, Prologis China was able to act positively for the sake of long-term cooperation and organized special internal coordination meetings in a timely and effective manner. They were also able to quickly grasp the essence of problems and tackle them one by one. This ensured efficient, smooth and systematic cooperation.

Anta has adopted the robotic “goods-to-person” picking solution in the Chengdu Longquan warehouse, which is proven to be an effective system for streamlining the flow of goods, reducing transit times and greatly improving the efficiency of order entry/exit to the warehouse.


Excellent storage location and road facilities are the preconditions for effective distribution of goods to urban stores. The Longquan Logistics Center is located in the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, only 17 km drive away from the heart of the city. The superior geographical location, advanced auto logistics lines and perfect supporting facilities all add to the advantages of the zone as a trade logistics center and a comprehensive transportation hub, making it an ideal urban distribution location and regional distribution center. The Center is able to meet all of Anta’s requirements as an effective storage environment and area, enabling direct distribution of most goods to stores and integrated management of storage and logistics for all distribution channels. What’s more, it contributes to efficiency improvements and operation cost reductions. All of this powers Anta’s brand, goods and stores.

Prologis Chengdu Longquan Logistics Center

Prologis China has set up a professional service team in the park. The professionalism shown by the on-site property service team during project renovations has been highly conducive to resolving the various technical difficulties that have arisen. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of Anta Group’s warehouse robot program, the on-site property team of Prologis China has taken a professional approach to treating the flatness and wear-resistance of the flooring with a mind to making the environment suitable for the operational characteristics of the robotic equipment.

24-hour technical support from Prologis China’s engineering service team has helped to assist the client in the design and renovation of the strong and weak electrical systems, the distribution and adjustment of the total electrical load in the warehouse area and the review of the on-site power distribution plan to ensure the safety and standardization of power usage at the site. At an early stage in the project, Prologis China also sent professionals to train Anta on fire safety and emergency rescue, increasing the skills and techniques of on-site staff and strengthening their ability to rescue themselves and others.

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