Prologis China Prepares Customer Appreciation Month Events in June to Celebrate Value-adding Partnerships

Our enduring partnerships with our customers are a result of trust. Established in 1983, Prologis has come a long way since its entry into China in 2003. Our success would not have been possible without the strong support that our customers have provided us. We have been grateful to our customers for the trust they have placed in us over the years. In June, Prologis sincerely invites you to our Customer Appreciation Month events to celebrate our lasting ties.


Our Appreciation Month started on May 23 and will finish at the end of June. Over the entire month of June, 38 programs will be launched simultaneously in 23 cities across the country.

Out of the many programs, there has got to be one to your liking. Among the popular sports events underway are the badminton activities planned by Nanjing Airport Logistics Center and Nanjing Liuhe Logistics Center, and the “Prologis Cup” Greater Bay Area Basketball Friendship Tournament planned by the Dongguan Shipai Logistics Center at which a total of 10 basketball teams from 6 parks will compete. We are confident that your passion will be ignited when the whistle blows on the field. In the midst of fierce competition, every cell in the players’ bodies will be straining for victory. During the competition, the players will go all out to score by cooperating in perfect harmony with their teammates. The audience off the field can have fun cheering on the team they support.


In addition to these energetic sports events, the Prologis China property team has also planned a series of special activities that highlight traditional elements of Chinese culture. The Chengdu Longquan Logistics Center will offer a great diversity of programs that combine the customs and traditions of Dragon Boat Festival, such as herbal baths, DIY prayer sachets, hand-wrapped rice dumplings, dragon boat races on dry land, fun pot throwing, rice dumpling fishing, calligraphy on folding fans and lantern riddle guessing. Customers are allowed to wear Hanfu to participate. They will be given an immersive experience to gain an impression of the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture.


The Tianjin Ninghe Logistics Center will try something new by launching fun carnival games, such as Frisbee Sudoku and football darts. Participants will be enticed into using the props in their hands, alongside a healthy dose of wisdom and courage, to take on unusual challenges.

The Customer Appreciation Month programs to be launched this year have aroused the enthusiasm of customers, who have begun to respond positively. One example is the “Prologis Cup” Basketball Friendship Tournament. The participating teams have already begun training. They are geared up for the competition. I believe that they will put on an exciting performance for us. These events can be a great opportunity for enterprises to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and to contribute to the sound and sustainable development of the industry.


The Appreciation Month events are going well. All the employees of Prologis China are ready to welcome all our friends with immense enthusiasm. It's hot in early summer and the sun will be shining fiercely in June. I hope that these electrifying activities will exceed your expectations. You are welcome to join us!

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