The Approach to ESG: Prologis Launches Campaign to Drive Mental Health Awareness and Well-being in China

May 13 is Prologis’ tenth annual IMPACT Day (Prologis’ global day of volunteerism). Since 2013, Prologis employees around the world have volunteered to provide a wide spectrum of services to disadvantaged groups in May each year. This is how the people that make up Prologis strive to give back to the communities where we live and work.


This year’s IMPACT Day came at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging across China. Prologis China was fully aware that vulnerable groups and front-line workers in lockdown areas were in need of psychological care. Along with Horizon Corporate Volunteer Consultancy, Prologis China launched a campaign to provide mental health and psychosocial support in the form of audio recordings to those affected by the infectious disease. In doing this, Prologis hopes to pool together the resources of its business partners and people from all walks of life to help people cope with the psychological impact of the epidemic and to promote the mental well-being of the general population.


Leave no one behind

In the height of a health crisis, every individual is suffering in one way or another from stress and anxiety in work and life. Adversity related to the virus, encompassing long-term home isolation, temporary supply shortages, financial hardship and fear of catching the virus, has put people’s mental health under strain. Psychologists believe that sound is a magical carrier of love that can warm people's hearts and give spiritual comfort and companionship to the listener to help tide them over these times of stress and crisis.

On this year's IMPACT Day, Prologis China orchestrated its mental health campaign, being convinced that public engagement is key to such a campaign. The campaign has been made easier for the public to participate in. It does not require advanced recording equipment or excellent editing skills. People only need a mobile phone to contribute and they do not need to talk like a broadcast host.


Committed to “warming the heart with simple actions”, Prologis China leveraged the IMPACT Day as an opportunity to call on its staff to audio-record content from books on the recommendation list. It also invited a number of professional psychologists to provide high school and college entrance examination takers, front-line medical workers, COVID-19 patients, close contacts and quarantined people in makeshift medical centers with recorded mental health courses on how to properly relieve various emotional symptoms. All of this was put into effect to reduce the psychological pressure caused by self-isolation.

In order to amplify the volunteer spirit that Prologis has remained true to for ten years, the campaign is also open to the public, appealing to more people to participate in audio recording as a way of making volunteer practices commonplace. The general public has until May 22 to submit their recordings.

Donate to the cause for good

Starting May 13, 2022, the audio works recorded by the people at Prologis China will be uploaded to the “Public Welfare Bridge” platform and made accessible to the general public. Additionally, these audios will be donated to some of the surrounding schools in the cities where Prologis operates. They can be used by teachers and students as bedtime stories, recess stories and supplementary materials for language teaching.


Prologis will also launch an initiative to select the “My Favorite Volunteering Day Photos”. The finalists will have the opportunity to win $10,000. They can choose to donate the funds to a charity.

Like previous IMPACT Days, Prologis China is giving its employees the opportunity to bring to life the company’s core values of Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage and Teamwork (IMPACT) through diverse volunteer activities.

More importantly, Prologis China also hopes to spread core values through its actions, urging more people to serve the common good.

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