Nanjing, China, the capital of Jiangsu province, sits on the Yangtze River about 180 miles inland from Shanghai. One of China’s four ancient capitals and headquarters of Chiang Kaishek after the 1911 revolution, Nanjing has emerged as an important regional hub in the 21st century. Nanjing’s population is about 8.2 million.

Behind Wuxi and Suzhou, Nanjing has the third-largest economy in Jiangsu province. Its economy is driven in part by services, including education. It is home to some 54 universities with a combined total of 711,000 students.

Logistics and distribution play an important role in Nanjing’s economy. A dense network of train and road routes link Nanjing to cities and towns in the densely populated Yangtze River Delta. Logistics and distribution companies also make use of the warehouses and industrial properties adjacent to the Port of Nanjing, which is the largest inland-river petrochemical transfer port in China and the third-largest inland river port in China. Nanjing Lukou International Airport is a bustling domestic and international hub and the 11th-busiest cargo airport in China.

Prologis owns and operates logistics and distribution facilities in Nanjing.


Prologis Nanjing Market

Featured Properties

Nanjing Airport Logistics Center

Nanjing Airport Logistics Center

Nanjing, China

This project will deliver over 450,000 SF (41,800 SQM) of modern logistics space in the Jiangning Development Zone, one of Nanjing’s main...

Prologis Wuxi Meicun Logistics Center

Wuxi Meicun Logistics Center

Wuxi, China

This 1.4 million SF (131,300 SQM) warehouse park is in Wuxi’s Meicun Industrial Sub-Zone. Only 10 kilometersfrom the center of Wuxi, this logistics...

Prologis Suzhou Jinchang Logistics Center

Suzhou Jinchang Logistics Center

Suzhou, China

Completed in 2016, this logistics park is the first modern multistory warehouse facility in the area. This 1.2 million SF (108,000 SQM) facility in...

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