Huzhou is a prefecture‐level city located in northern Zhejiang Province. The city borders Jiaxing to the east and Hangzhou to the south. In 2017, the city’s GDP grew by 8.5% Y‐o‐Y, marking it the second fastest growing city in Zhejiang Province. The city’s major industries include textiles, wood flooring, electronic equipment and machinery, and chemical products.

Situated at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, Huzhou lies just 75km from Hangzhou and Jiaxing, 130km from Shanghai and 220km from Nanjing. Four major expressways pass through the city, enabling access to major YRD cities (e.g. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Jiaxing, and Nanjing). As such, Huzhou is well positioned for regional distribution in the YRD region.

Due to its close proximity to Hangzhou, Huzhou has benefited from the growth of one of the most dynamic cities in China, which is also the headquarters of China’s e‐commerce giant Alibaba. According to the YRD Development Plan ratified by the State Council in 2016, Huzhou, together with Jiaxing and Shaoxing, are included in the “Hangzhou Metropolitan Area”. The regional‐planning initiative aims to integrate Hangzhou’s development with the three northern Zhejiang cities. They will cooperate in various areas, including transportation connectivity, cross‐border e‐commerce, innovation and information technology, etc.

Vibrant local consumption and active e‐commerce and 3PL demand have underpinned demand for Class A warehouses in the YRD region. As most cities in the YRD region are experiencing supply constraints, Huzhou will benefit from low vacancy rates in other major logistics hub cities, especially Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Shanghai.

Prologis owns and operates logistics and distribution facilities in Huzhou.




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Prologis Huzhou Lianshi Logistics Center
Huzhou Lianshi Logistics Center

Huzhou Lianshi Logistics Center

Huzhou, China

Located in the Industrial Park in Lianshi Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, this 929,000 SF (86,300 SQM) logistics park consists of two two-story...

Prologis Hangzhou Renhe Logistics Center
Hangzhou Renhe Logistics Center

Hangzhou Renhe Logistics Center

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Prologis Jiaxing Logistics Center
Jiaxing Logistics Center

Jiaxing Logistics Center

Jiaxing, China

The Jiaxing Logistics Center has 878,300 SF (81,600 SQM) of modern logistics space in the city of Jiaxing and includes four separate buildings. The...

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